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Living The Dream
©2017 Mike Gacek & Neal Ward
Another Day Above Ground, I just have to look around
And see how good my life can be

I May Not Be A Rich Man, I May Not Have Everything
Except what is everything to me
I Got People Who Love Me, I’m alive and healthy
But, there is no guarantee

But Everything Could Quickly Change, Tomorrow Is Another Day, Maybe There’s uncertainty Heading Right In Front Of Me,
It can always be worse

That’s why, I'm Am Living The Dream; I’ve got everything I need
This Is Just Another Day In Paradise
I Got No Complaints No One Listens Anyway
So Please Don't Wake Me, Cause I'm Living The Dream

No one ever said that life is fair, go from a Dream to nightmare
In the time it takes to breathe
My gray skies are always sunny, My glass is half full of honey
And life’s as sweet as it can be

Cause none of my problems seem bigger than reality
I know that there’s a lot a people living half as good as me
It can always be worse
Cause I'm Living The Dream, so please don’t wake
Life is yours for the taking, But don’t forget cause there’s no mistaking
It can always be worse