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Born with a Broken Heart
©2017 Mike Gacek & Neal Ward
I Am Incapable Of Feelings, My Heart Has Trouble Dealing
With My Brain They're Not On The Same Page Anymore
I Am Incapable Of Dreaming, My Heart Has Trouble Seeing
In The Dark, Born Without A Spark, Broken For Sure

I Think I Need To Warn You And Inform You, Right From The Start
I Am Incapable Of Loving You, My Heart Lets Nothing Through
I Was Born With A Broken Heart

I Am Incapable Of Love, My Heart Keeps Falling In And Out Of
My Mind, Losing Track Of Time, Skipping A Beat
I Am Incapable Of Happiness
My Heart Can Turn A Good Thing Into Madness
Then Their Gone, There’s Always Something Wrong, It’s Time To Retreat

I’ll Wear You Out Like A Pair Of Jeans, And Then I'll Run And You Hide
I’m Unable To Feel Anything
In This Heart Of Mine, It Happens Every Time I Try.