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I’m Dying (Just To Be With You)
©2017 Mike Gacek & Neal Ward
Sun Is Blinding, Burning And
My Toes Are Drowning In The Sand, And I Don’t Care
I’m Looking At A Killer View
And All I Can See Is You, Standing There
The Wave Washes You To Me, Baby I Can Barely Breathe
Cause Your Smile Is Killing Me, So Slowly

We Walk Along The Sand
And You Reach Out For My Hand, I Start Shaking
Then You Kiss Me On The Cheek
I Can Feel My Knees Get Weak, My Heart Is Racing
If I Don’t Get My Daily Fix, Of Your Lips Upon My Lips
Baby I Could Die From This, Good love

But Baby I Don’t Mind, Living Like I’m Dying
If It Means That I, Get To Live With You
So Baby I Don’t Mind You Killing All My Time
Baby I Am Dying, Just To Be With You