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Life Is A Moment
© 2011 ASCAP Michael Gacek & Neal Ward

The Days They Drag On, But The Years They Just Fly
I Feel Older Each Minute That I Let My Life Pass Me By,
So I'll Live Til I Die
I Plan For Tomorrow But Live For Today
Because Nothing Is Giving, It All Can Be Taken Away,
By Then It’s To Late

Life Is A Moment In Time And Once Time Is Gone, It's Gone
Take Time To Live For The Moment While The Moment Is Still Going On

It Sucks Getting Older When Old Is No Fun
When I Look In The Mirror My Mind Tells My Body I'm Done,
What I’d Give To Be Young
I Measure Life’s Moments With Smiles And Good Friends
Cause The More That I Have Now,
The Less That I'll Need In The End,
When The Darkness Creeps In

Chorus / Bridge

Without You If You Don't Hang On,
So Take Time To Make Time, But Don't, Don't Wait To Long