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Inna Gadda Da Stairway To Freebird Pie
© 2011 ASCAP Michael Gacek & Neal Ward

Good Evening People Welcome To The Show
If There Is Something We Can Play For You, Please Just Let Us Know
We Can Play That Funky Music (White Boy) If That’s You Like
Maybe We Can Just Take It Easy Tonight
In Any Town In Any Bar, It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are
We Always Seem To Get The Same Request

And We’d Sing, Inna Gadda Da Stairway To Free Bird Pie
We’d Sing About A Brown-Eyed Girl Her Name Was Sweet Caroline
She Had A Sweet Home Down By The Schoolyard In The Summer Of 69
While We Were Just Getting Wasted Away Again Tonight

You Are Looking Wonderful Tonight
Maybe You’d Like Some Old Time Rock & Roll, If You’re Feeling All Right
I Don’t Want To Be The Joker But It’s A Wild World Outside
Maybe We Could Just Ride Sally Ride
I Turned The Page For The Piano Man, As He Sang A Song For Jack & Diane
A Little Ditty He Wrote For Bad Leroy Brown


I Got Friends In The Southern Cross
Who Wish You Were Here But You Musta Got Lost
In The Paradise By The Dashboard Lights