1. Glass Of Life
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Glass Of Life
©2002 Mike Gacek
She Wakes Up Her Head Is Hurting Opens Her Eyes The Rooms A Blur The Things She Did Last Night Are Still Uncertain A Typical Night For Her You See She Sees The World Through Her Rosa Colored Glasses The Problem Is That She Cant See That Far She Only Sees The World As It Passes The Local Bar Oh Her Lifes Bizarre A Bloody Mary With Her Breakfast Maybe A Glass A Wine At Noon She Stops For A Social When She Leaves The Office She Wont Be Leaving That Stool Soon She Dont Think She Has A Problem But Thats A Problem In Itself Cause When Shes Drinking Shes Not Lonesome Still In Her Glass Theres No One Else Her Hopes Are On The Shelf She Dont Really Need No One At Least Thats What She Says But Every Night When She Looks Through Those Glasses Thats Exactly What She Gets Her Weekend Starts On Monday Morning And Ends Sometime On Sunday Night And Everyday Between Them She Just Pouring Away Her Life She Dont Think About Tomorrow Cause Shes Still Living In The Past It Seems Some Problems In Her Life Are Hard To Swallow When Theyre Not In Her Glass I Hope Shes Fading Fast One More Glass Of Life Please