1. All Talk
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All Talk
©2002 Mike Gacek
You’re So Fine Everybody Wants You Youre State Of Mind Mysteriously Flaunts You I Cant Deny How Much I Really Want To Be With You Its So Right All The Things You’re Saying Maybe Be Tonight We Could Just Stay In But It Seems Like Another Game Your Playing Like You Do To Amuse I Dont Know What To Make Of This Put Your Money Where Your Promise Is You’re All Talk No Action You Can’t Deliver On Your Promises Of Satisfaction First You Say Then You Walk You’re All Talk You Say One Thing Then Another Its Always Something Or The Other But You Never Come Through I Discovered The Hard Way You’re All Show When You’re Around Me You Say No But Then Your Arms Surround Me But You Let Go And Leave Me As You Found Me The Same Way Everyday Your Eyes Say Yes But I Dont Know If They’re Telling Me To Stay Or Go The Proof Is In The Pudding They Say But You Aint Putting On The Table Anyway