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More Memories To Come
© 2011 ASCAP Michael Gacek & Neal Ward

Thinking Back It Makes Me Laugh, I’ve Been Looking At Our Photograph
Its Funny Now I Must Confess, How Young We Looked The Way We Dressed
The Jester And The Beauty Queen, Best Looking Woman That I’ve Ever Seen
Me I Feel The Same Inside, But The Mirror Tells Me Otherwise


If The World Stopped Spinning Today, It Wouldn’t Change A Thing
I Wouldn’t Trade One Memory Away, No, Not For Anything
I Want You To Know That Your Still The One,
And There Are So Many More Memories To Come, We Just Begun

Remember At Your High School Prom,
We Musta Danced To Every Single Song
New Years, Christmas And On Halloween
And Every Smiled We Shared Since We Were Teens
I’m Looking Slightly Older Now A Couple Extra Pounds And Lots A Grays
But You Never Seemed To Change Somehow
You Look Just Like You High School Days