1. Til It's Gone
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Til It’s Gone
© 2011 ASCAP Michael Gacek & Neal Ward

I’m Looking Thru A Broken Window, Shattered By My Acts
I’m Putting All The Pieces In, So I Can Just Retrace My Tracks
I’m Hoping I Can Still See Thru It After Everything I’ve Done
Knowing That I Can’t Undo It, Now That The Ending Has Begun


Oh I Know I Was Wrong, You Don’t What You Had,
You Don’t What You Had Til It’s Gone

I’m Looking Through A Hole In My Soul That’s Bigger Than My Pride
I Lost My Head And Lust Controlled, I Let Unconscious Be My Guide
I’m Hoping That I Can Get Through It, Am I Big Enough?
To Face The Fact That I Just Blew It And All It Cost Me Was Your Love


I’m Looking Thru A Whole New Window, But Still I See The Pain
Heading To A Place I Can Go Where No One Knows My Shame